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The Quoretech devices and their related services are covered by the patents listed below, which are owned by Corcam Technology S.A. Other patent registrations may also cover Quoretech related devices and services. Quoretech devices and related services may be sold individually or as part of a combined product.


A method, a system and an apparatus for remotely monitoring a cardiac condition in an individual in which there is provided a non-invasive, mobile and portable solution including hardware, software, and a back-office application allowing an autonomous and smart remote monitoring. Two-way communication is provided between the cardiac monitoring apparatus and a monitoring center, which allows sending of data of the patient being monitored to the monitoring center, as well as allowing the monitoring center or a clinician to request a new exam on demand.

Publication number: US9144384 B2

Also published as: CA2866279A1, EP2637119A2, EP2637119A3, US20130237861, WO2013131156A1,

Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 13/536,614
Publication date Sep: 29, 2015
Filing date: Jun 28, 2012
Priority date: Mar 6, 2012
Original Assignee: Corcam Tecnologia S.A.


Quoretech new devices are in the process of certification on several agencies. The previous certification was granted to its parent company, Quoretech S.A.. Therefore the following certification is a property of Quoretech S.A., but licensed exclusively to Quoretech.

Device Classification Name: Detector And Alarm, Arrhythmia
510(K) Number: K140548
575 EIGHTH AVE, STE 1212
New York,  NY  10018
Regulation Number: 870.1025
Classification Product Code: DSI  
Date Received: 03/04/2014
Decision Date: 05/23/2014
Decision: Substantially Equivalent (SESE)
Regulation Medical Specialty: Cardiovascular
510k Review Pane: l Cardiovascular

The safety and effectiveness of the Quoretech Heart Monitor is based upon a determination of the substantial equivalence as well as the safety and effectiveness of its predicate device(s).


Device Description
The  Quoretech Heart Monitor is a battery operated, non-invasive, portable device intended to continuously monitor a patient’s cardiac condition for early signs of arrhythmia. The device allows for autonomous remote monitoring via a Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Service(GSM! GPRS). The device is connected to the patient via four commercially available electrodes (Derivations 1, 11, 111, and ground) and is equipped with an accelerometer to detect patient falls, GPS for geographical and accurate location of the user, and a speaker system to allow communication to or with the Monitoring Center. A vibrating mechanism and lights, when activated, provide physical and visual signals to the user. Indicator lights also show the operating status of the unit. An SOS/ Help button can be pressed by the user to send a help signal to the monitoring center. In addition to the transmission of patient data to the monitoring center, the monitoring center or clinician at any given moment can conditionally request a new exam on demand allowing for actual and accurate tracking of a cardiac event. Once the monitor detects an irregular heartbeat, the device generates an electrocardiogram (ECG) and sends it to the monitoring center. A clinician in the monitoring center carries out an analysis on the received ECG. Depending upon the analysis of the ECG, the clinician can check the symptoms of the patient, request another ECG transmission, or initiate immediate assistance for the patient in the form of an ambulance! emergency services.

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