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A brand new approach to reducing the time between diagnosis
and medical conduct on CVD-related conditions.

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How it Works


Cardiologist Provides monitor

If the diagnosis of arrhythmia requires a Holter or long-term monitoring to be conclusive, cardiologists provide the monitor to the patient, eliminating some unnecessary steps to get the exam done.


results are transferred

Data is transferred to the cloud and analyzed during the monitoring period. In the end,  a specialized partner creates a detailed report which and return to the cardiologist.


Monitor is Collected

Once the exam is finished, the monitor is collected at the patient’s home, sent to our maintenance unit for asepsis and repairs and then returned to the cardiologist, ready for next exam.

know our monitoring device

Quoretech device is pretty small and portable, has no wires, and it is attached directly to the patient’s body at the chest.

Clinical Cardiology and Diagnosis

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